Education & Youth Development


From elementary to high school students, the Urban League of Greater Cleveland is molding the future direction of Cleveland youth and helping them become successful and prosperous young adults. We have established a solid track record of delivering quality education and youth development programs within Cuyahoga County for more than two decades. Throughout the Youth Services arena, ULGC youth staff members are known as "kid magnets" and youth servants. It is the understanding and belief that the youth of today are not just tomorrow’s leaders, but they have leadership to offer today.

The Urban League operates in an extremely collaborative manner to offer a rich diversity of programs, services and activities for young adults. The Urban League sees itself as a connector or bilingual broker that communicates across the lines of K-12 education, higher education, corporate America, governmental agencies, and more. As effective as the League is at reaching, supporting and promoting youth, the parents are not lost to the programmatic eye. Within the entire Education and Youth Departmental programs there is an integral parent empowerment component. We believe parents are a key factor in a student’s success. However, parents tend to feel underserved and underrepresented. Every effort is made to empower the parents from every angle. Through our

Parent Empowerment Network (P.E.N.), workshops, webinars and monthly meetings are scheduled covering a variety of topics ranging from education to housing to employment.


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