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The Urban League of Greater Cleveland (ULGC), a community based nonprofit organization was established in 1917, in response to the needs of families migrating from the South to urban cities in the North. Leveraging its assets as advocate and service provider, the ULGC helped to mitigate the issues of housing discrimination, limited access to employment, and poor landlord-tenant relations. In its 96-year history, the ULGC has delivered upon its mission to enable African Americans and other minority members to develop and exercise their potential on par with all other Americans through education, research, advocacy and provision of services. Partnering with government, corporate and other community organizations has enabled the ULGC’s ability to respond effectively to the needs of those on the economic and social margins.

Throughout the past 96 years, whatever obstacles that confronted African Americans and their ability to gain parity with the majority community, the Urban League has been there to open doors of access, to provide education, and to advocate for opportunities. From housing and job discrimination to school desegregation and voter registration, the Urban League has been there. From basic skills training and job skill development to business and economic development, the Urban League has been there. In this season of extreme economic downturn, with dramatic job and career losses and housing foreclosures, the Urban League is still at work. In addition to the Urban League’s successful 96-year history, its brand equity, and its organizational capacity, there is also a connection to a robust network of other Urban League affiliates across the State of Ohio.

The Ohio Council of Urban Leagues (OCUL) is an 8-member group of affiliates organized for collaborative action on key issues affecting the collective Urban League consumers throughout the state.
As the new millennium unfolds, the core mission of the Urban League is focused in the following areas: Education & Youth, Economic Empowerment, Health & Quality of Life, Civic Engagement, and Civil Rights and Racial Justice. During these uncertain times, our constituents need organizations with a passion to serve, a determination to get results, and a resiliency to weather the storms of change. The Urban League of Greater Cleveland will continue to be a catalyst for change and advancement in our urban communities as we move forward. However, we need a demonstration of support from our own community. The vote of confidence from the constituency we serve will enable us to leverage the contributions of foundations and other vital supporters. We know that we can count on you and thank you in advance for your support of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland.

The year 2013 began our four year movement to our Centennial in 2017. In this unprecedented period, we want to show the community that we have a strong and committed membership that supports the need for a strong and responsive Urban League. We will present you many opportunities for inclusion. We ask that you help us continue building the momentum for your Urban League serving our community every day. Become an active participant as the League continues Empowering Communities and Changing Lives.

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